The Government of Canada is committed to open government, which is being pursued along three streams: open data, open information and open dialogue. The goal is to drive innovation and to foster economic opportunities for all Canadians.

In support of these open government principles, we are providing open access to information about how taxpayer dollars are spent so that you are better able to hold Parliament, the government and public sector officials accountable.

Open Government at ISED

The Open Data portal seeks to improve the ability of the public to find, download and use Government of Canada data.  You are invited to search the catalogue, download data sets and explore the possibilities of open data

Parliamentary Committees

Materials prepared for appearances of Ministers or Deputy Heads before committees of Parliament

Parliamentary Committees

Transition Materials

Copies of transition materials prepared for new Ministers and Deputy Heads

Transition Materials

Oral Questions in Parliament

Packages of Question Period background notes prepared for ISED Ministers

Open Government – Question Period Notes