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The call for applications closed on May 16, 2022.

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What is the Upskilling for Industry Initiative

The Upskilling for Industry Initiative (UII) places employers at the forefront of identifying the skills needs of high-growth industries. By fostering partnerships between employers and training providers, the UII seeks to develop and deliver demand-driven short cycle upskilling programs to meet the needs of employers.

The Government of Canada is looking for lead recipient(s) to deliver this initiative nationally in collaboration with partners. The initiative will benefit businesses in high-growth industries adjust to changing skills requirements by providing access to a competitive workforce. It also is expected to help 15,500 Canadians, including those from underrepresented groups, connect with new work opportunities. Ultimately, the initiative will foster a more responsive training ecosystem and support Canada's overall economic growth.

About the call for applications

The Government of Canada held a call for applications for the Upskilling for Industry Initiative to select one or a limited number of lead recipient(s) to enter into a three-year contribution agreement(s) of up to $250 million.

Applications of at least $15 million for sector or regional specific interventions could also be considered to increase the initiative's overall reach and ensure that it achieves its objectives. Application(s) had to address how to advance upskilling initiatives in the following high-growth sectors: digital technology, cyber security, agriculture technology, advanced manufacturing, clean technology, and biomanufacturing. Applications could also propose additional high-growth sectors based on their analysis and expertise.

Recipient(s) will be selected based on merit criteria, outlined in the applicant guide, with the preference being to identify a pan-Canadian solution via a single lead recipient.

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