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New! Quick links allow you to delegate filing authority and help you better manage your corporation’s filings. You can find them on the right-hand side of the Online Filing Centre. Registered intermediaries can only manage resubmissions and saved requests for the time being. Learn more.

Quick links

Manage resubmissions and saved requests
Manage access and permissions
Manage corporations
Assign a full access manager
File annual return


Services for all corporations
Request Fee Service requiring a corporation key
File annual return $12
Incorporate Express service available $200
Order copies of corporate documents Free
Get a certificate of compliance $10
Get a certificate of existence $10
Amend articles Express service available $0 / $200
Preapprove a corporate name Free
View/change director information Free
Change registered office information Free
Add/Change additional address Free
Subscribe: annual return reminders and corporate filing notices Free
Subscribe to email notice Free
File financial statements Free
Order a corporate profile Free
Apply for an exemption $250

Services for not-for-profit corporations

Services for not-for-profit corporations
Request Fee Service requiring a corporation key
File by-laws Free

Services for business corporations

Services for business corporations
Request Fee Service requiring a corporation key
Register a federal corporation in a province or territory Variable cost
Continue a business into the CBCA Express service available $200
Amalgamate corporations $200
Dissolve a corporation Free
Intent to dissolve Free
Revoke intent to dissolve $50
Obtain a letter of satisfaction (for export) $200
File a proxy circular Free
Preapprove schedules Free
Manage preapproved schedules Free
B2B Articles of incorporation $200
B2B Annual return $12
B2B Preapprove a corporate name Free
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