Accessibility at ISED

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) is doing their part to help make Canada barrier-free by January 1, 2040, by complying and supporting the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). ISED is responsible for identifying, removing and preventing barriers in priority areas such as: culture, employment; the built environment; information and communication technologies; communication, procurement of goods, services and facilities; and design and delivery of programs and services.

We all need to make sure that our department, our work and all our interactions are accessible and inclusive of every employee and Canadian, no matter where they come from or what their needs are.

Below you will find ISED's plans and reports supporting the ACA.

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Information and reports

Accessibility plan Amendment

Policies, programs, practices, and services that help our organization contribute to the goal of an accessible and barrier-free Canada

2023 progress report

Results of our activities to improve how our organization contributes to the goal of an accessible and barrier-free Canada

Feedback process Amendment

Different ways to provide feedback, how to request alternate formats, what we do with your feedback and how to keep your feedback anonymous