Trade and exporting

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Creates and develops strong Canadian businesses through financing, advisory services and capital, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

Ensures Canada's security and prosperity by facilitating and overseeing international travel and trade across Canada's border.

Canada Business Network

Canada Business Network promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, and provides assistance through an organized network of service centres across Canada. There is a centre in each province and territory working with partners in many communities across their region, providing you with numerous service access points.

Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC)

Offers commercial advocacy, collaborative project development and foreign contracting expertise to help Canadian exporters secure international contracts with government buyers around the world.

Export Development Canada (EDC)

Provides Canadian exporters with trade financing, export credit insurance and bonding services, as well as foreign market expertise.

Global Affairs Canada

The Government of Canada is committed to pursuing a progressive trade agenda to support all segments of society in taking advantage of the economic opportunities flowing from trade and investment.

Aerospace and Defence in Canada

Canada provides businesses with the world's most comprehensive range of proven investment advantages that encourage growth and performance. The Canadian aerospace and defence sectors are strong, stable and dynamic, with a talented, hard-working and innovative workforce, world-class infrastructure, and leading-edge R&D capabilities.

Trade data and industry reporting