List by city

This search allows you to see the major importers for a given city in Canada.

Enter the city name and click on the "Search" button to obtain a list of corresponding cities.


The report by city includes the "major importers", those which collectively account for up to 80% of the total imports (in terms of $).

The following confidentiality provisions apply:

  • import quantities or dollar values for individual companies are not divulged;
  • the companies are listed in alphabetical order;
  • no list of names is given unless there are at least three importers for the given city;
  • if one company accounts for 80% or more of the total imports for a given city, no report is released;
  • the names of individuals are not divulged;
  • importers whose importer numbers are unavailable are excluded from the list.

No market concentration summary is provided in the report by city. However, the total value of imports is shown under the city name.

No reports are available for many smaller cities, particularly those outside Canada for non-resident importers, because the import market is often dominated by only one or two players.