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The products are classified according to the International Harmonized System (HS). This product classification covers more than 5000 different products which are described in 96 chapters.

Each chapter (covering a general area, e.g. Chapter 69 - Ceramic Products) is further divided into headings and sub-headings. Numerical HS codes with 2, 4 and 6 digits are used to describe the various levels of this hierarchical classification.

You can select the product you are interested in using:

  • Keyword search enables you to conduct a keyword search applied against the product descriptions as well as a thesaurus of synonyms and related terms.
  • Code search enables you to conduct a code search applied against the numeric Harmonized System codes.

You can browse the product list allows you to find a specific product by browsing through a complete list of chapters of the harmonized system.

Search result

The search results for the selected product (HS6) are displayed:

  • in a table displaying the market concentration
  • in a table displaying the major Canadian importers

You then have two choices:

  • produce a report for the selected product (HS6) by country of origin
  • produce a report at a more aggregated level to display a 10 digits product

In all cases, you can view the "major importers" by province/territory.

Unsuccessful searches

The most common reasons for unsuccessful searches are:

  • there is no data for this selection;
  • there is a spelling error;
  • you entered a company name rather than a product name;
  • you entered the name for a service rather than a product name;
  • you entered a brand name rather than a generic product name;
  • confidentiality rules prohibit the release of the information.

You may get results if you choose a more general product. For example, if you find that results for trombones (HS 9205100020) are not available, you might have better success with the more general term brass instruments (HS 920510).

Major importers

Major importers are the businesses which collectively account for up to 80% of all imports of a specific product or a selected city.

Please note that "major importers" for a specific product are determined on a national basis. The lists of businesses for a province/territory are a subset of the list generated for Canada.

Market concentration

Market concentration is the distribution of market share among competitors.

Value of imports

The value of imports is displayed in Canadian dollars.

Cumulative of imports

The cumulative of imports represents the percentage of the market share of the value of imports.