List by country

This search allows you to see the "major importers" for a given country.

Select a country of origin and click on the "View major importers" button.

You can select the country of origin using:

  • List by country when you use the "List by country" option, the list of "major importers" pertains to all products imported from the selected country.
  • Importers by product when you already selected a product using the "Importers by product" option, you may view the "major importers" of that specific product by country of origin.


The report by country includes the "major importers", those which collectively account for up to 80% of the total imports (in terms of $) for Canada.

The following confidentiality provisions apply:

  • import dollar values for individual companies are not divulged;
  • the companies are listed in alphabetical order;
  • no list of names is given unless there are at least three importers for the given city;
  • if one company accounts for 80 % or more of the total imports for a given city, no report is released;
  • the names of individuals are not divulged;
  • importers whose importer numbers are unavailable are excluded from the list.

Country classification

The identity of the countries appearing in the selection list is a reflection of the country classifications used by Statistics Canada to tabulate trade statistics.

Please note:

  • The country classifications used in Canadian Importers Database, which are derived from Statistics Canada, are designed for the purposes of economic geography and therefore do not reflect the views or intentions of the Government of Canada on international issues of recognition, sovereignty or jurisdiction.
  • To assist the search and display in selection lists, country names appear in short form.