Learn about copyrights

Learn about copyrights

Using copyrights as a business tool.

Learning the basics

Copyright e-learning module

Learn why copyright matters and how it's becoming increasingly important in the digital world.

Copyright fact sheet

Consult our fact sheet to learn the basics on copyright.

Identify your IP

Consult a checklist of IP rights to explore which types you can exploit and learn how to maintain an IP inventory.

Copyright guide

Explore what copyright is, the process for registering copyrights in Canada and the benefits of registration.

Discover IP e-learning module

Learn what intellectual property (IP) is and about the different IP rights you can use to help commercialize your ideas.

IP in Canada fact sheet

Consult our fact sheet to learn the basics on IP in Canada.

Copyright FAQs

Frequently asked questions on copyright.

Resources for registering

Register your copyright in Canada

Access the copyright e-filing application to register your copyright.

Canadian Copyright Database

Access the Canadian Copyright Database and search all copyrights that have been registered since October 1991.

Standard fees for copyright

Check fees for registering a copyright, registration of an assignment and other services.

Contact an IP agent

Find a registered IP agent.

Copyright Act

Consult the Canadian Copyright Act.

More information on copyright

Copyright infringement

Understand copyright infringement and exceptions to learn when and how copyright can be enforced.

Legal deposit – Library and Archives Canada

Learn about and contribute to the legal deposit of Canadian materials intended for sale or public distribution.

Copyright Board of Canada

The Board's role is to establish fair royalties and grant licences when copyright owners can't be found.

Apply for Crown copyright clearance

Apply for Crown copyright clearance to reproduce Government of Canada works.

Seek copyright licences for unlocatable owners

Seek a non-exclusive licence for the use of work when the copyright owner can't be found.