Learn about patents

Learn about patents

Using patents as a business tool.

Learning the basics

Patent e-learning module

Learn what you can patent and how a registered patent can help your business succeed.

Patent fact sheet

Consult our fact sheet to learn the basics of Canadian patents.

Identify your IP

Consult a checklist of IP rights to explore the types that you could exploit and learn how to maintain an IP inventory.

Discover IP e-learning module

Learn what intellectual property (IP) is and about the different IP rights you can use to help commercialize your ideas.

IP in Canada fact sheet

Consult our fact sheet to learn the basics of IP in Canada.

Resources for filing

Your path to getting a patent grant

Consult our roadmap to learn about the process to obtaining a Canadian patent grant.

Patent fees

List of fees to be paid during the registration process of patents.

Search the Canadian Patent Database

A database of all Canadian patents since 1869.

Apply for a Canadian patent

A step-by-step to filing a Canadian patent application.

Expedite your patent application

Find out how to expedite the examination process for your patent application.

Contact a patent agent

Find a registered patent agent.

Patent Act

Consult the Canadian Patent Act.

More information on patents

Patent infringement

Understand patent infringement to learn when and how patent rights can be enforced.

Your patent abroad

General information on taking your patent abroad, with tips and links to WIPO’s Patent Cooperation Treaty pages.

Your path through the Patent Appeal Board

View our roadmap to learn about the process of appealing a rejected Canadian patent application.

Invention disclosures and confidentiality agreements

Tips on invention disclosures and non-disclosure agreements.

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