Canadian Trademarks Database Tutorial

A trademark represents the reputation, experience, and expertise of a business while differentiating products and services from those of competitors.

Whether you are just starting out on a new business venture or have been in business for a long time, it is important to understand trademarks and to know how to consult the Canadian Trademarks Database.

This tutorial explains the business benefits of using the Canadian Trademarks Database and demonstrates how to search the database. The tutorial is designed to provide guidance to the average user and is not intended to replace professional or expert advice.

The tutorial will cover the following:

Lesson 1: Trademarks in business

  • Selecting a trademark
  • Protecting trademarks
  • Making strategic business decisions

Lesson 2: Search basics

  • Performing a database search
  • Using wildcards to enhance searches

Lesson 3: Refining searches

  • Using “search field” options
  • Searchable fields
  • Searching with multiple criteria

Lesson 4: Additional Search Options

  • Searching by category
  • Searching by type
  • Searching by status
  • Searching by action dates
  • Searching by Vienna classification
  • Modifying the display of results

Lesson 5: Find Translation

  • About
  • Using bilingual search

Lesson 6: Results Returned of Trademark Records

  • Select trademark record
  • View options
  • Filter results
  • Sort by
  • Number of entries per page
  • Representation
  • Sound marks
  • Nice classification

Lesson 7: Trademark Details

  • Trademark records and their detail categories
  • Additional buttons and their functions

Lesson 8: Search Examples

  • Example 1: Searching availability of potential trademarks
  • Example 2: Searching for competitive information
  • Example 3: Searching by design