Computers for Schools Plus

Computers for Schools Plus

As of 2019, the Computers for Schools program has recently been rebranded as Computers for Schools Plus (CFS+)!

Since 1993, the Computers for Schools Plus (CFS+) program has helped extend the useful life of electronic equipment, reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste and offered practical work internships to young Canadians to help them develop advanced digital skills for the job market.

25 Plus Years of Making a Difference

The new "Plus" in Computers for Schools Plus (CFS+) builds on over 25 years of success in serving communities across Canada to provide a wide range of computer equipment to an expanded audience of recipients. Originally, computers were only provided to schools. Today, the CFS+ program also provides computers and other digital devices to assist libraries, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous communities and eligible low-income Canadians. This is achieved through CFS+, the CFS+ Internship program and the Connecting Families initiative.

The CFS+ program has made some significant changes to make it even easier for all Canadians, including youth and under-represented groups, to access the internet and acquire the skills and training needed to work in today's digital economy.

CFS+ also helps the environment

CFS+ is a win-win-win for communities, industry and the environment. CFS+ helps extend the useful life of electronic equipment and keeps e-waste out of landfills.