Instructions for completing Form 15 – Articles of Revival

Submitting a cover letter along with your completed form is now mandatory. Learn more on what information needs to be included in the cover letter.

You are providing information required by the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). Note that both the CBCA and the Privacy Act allow this information to be disclosed to the public. It will be stored in personal information bank number IC/PPU-049.

Item 1 – Corporate name

Indicate the corporate name.

Item 2 – Corporation number

Indicate the corporation number.

The corporation number must be identical to that of the dissolved corporation. The number is located on the certificate of incorporation, amalgamation or continuance. You can also find it using the Corporations Canada online database.

Item 3 – Interest of the applicant

Indicate the details of the applicant's interest in the dissolved corporation.

According to the CBCA , the applicant must be an interested person. Examples of "interested applicants" are:

  • shareholders
  • directors
  • officers
  • employees
  • creditors
  • persons with a contractual relationship with the dissolved corporation
  • trustees in bankruptcy
  • liquidators.

Item 4 – Declaration of the applicant

This form must be signed by the applicant. If the applicant is a company or other incorporated body, indicate the name of the body corporate, its registered office address and the form must be signed by an individual authorized by that company or other incorporated body.


A representative of a shareholder, director, officer, etc. cannot sign the Articles of Revival as a representative. The person signing the articles must have a direct relationship with the dissolved corporation.

Cover letter

Corporations Canada requires information about the circumstances of the dissolved corporation and its need for revival in order to decide if it will issue a Certificate of Revival. The completed form must be accompanied by a cover letter outlining the following required information or else the application will be returned as incomplete:

  1. Proof of whether the dissolved corporation is still carrying on business.
  2. Proof that the applicant's interest in the dissolved corporation is the interest reflected in the applicant's form.
  3. The corporation key as proof that the applicant is authorized by the dissolved corporation to apply for revival. If the corporation key is missing, the applicant must provide other proof of authorization and an explanation as to why they do not have the corporation key.
  4. A detailed explanation as to why the dissolved corporation should be revived.
  5. Proof that all the listed directors at the time of dissolution have been informed of this revival application and that they approve of this revival application.

Filing fee

Consult the filing fee for Form 15 - Articles of Revival (for revival of a dissolved corporation). Please be advised that the service fee applies to the review of the application. There will be no refund of the service fee if the application is refused.

How to submit

By email:

By mail:
Corporations Canada
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H5

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