Service standard


The ITB Branch is taking concrete steps to reduce administrative burden and improve client service. This includes streamlining the annual reporting process for contractors and implementing a six-month service standard for completing verification of annual reports.

The goal of the six-month service standard is to:

  • award contractor credits in a timely fashion;
  • standardize the annual reporting process; and
  • be accountable and transparent in our verification processes.

While the service standard does not provide contractors with a guarantee of credits after a certain date, it does provide reassurance that their annual reports will be reviewed quickly and efficiently.

Our commitment

We are committed to completing verifications within six months, 80% of the time.

ITBB Verification Service Standard

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Annual Report Submitted

Report is reviewed for acceptance by the ITB Officer within 10 business days

Start the clock

Stop the clock if the Contractor is unresponsive after 10 business days

ITB Officers have 180 calendar days to complete all verification activities

Send an ITB credit letter to the Contractor

April 1 – 80 percent

Target rate for all verification activities between April 1st and March 31st of the following year

Report annually and adjust target rate as necessary

Performance to date

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2016-2017 ISED Verifications
Met service standardDid not meet standard