National Quantum Strategy

The Government of Canada would like to thank everyone who joined the conversation about the future of quantum technologies in Canada. We have prepared a What We Heard Report based on the consultations.

Insights gathered during the consultations are helping to shape Canada’s National Quantum Strategy (NQS), which is currently under development. The NQS will be posted on this website.

Overview of quantum technologies

Quantum technologies are at the cutting edge of science and innovation, both in Canada and worldwide.

As an enabling platform, quantum is leading to a new suite of technologies in computing, sensors, secure communications and advanced materials. These technologies will produce new innovations for society, including advancements in:

  • high-performance computing such as logistics and supply chain management;
  • mineral exploration with new sensors;
  • enhanced privacy through secure communications; and
  • the design of higher capacity batteries and other next generation materials.

A national quantum strategy is essential to grow our quantum ecosystem and be a global leader. The strategy will help Canada:

  • Amplify our significant strength in quantum research.
  • Grow quantum-ready technologies, companies and talent.
  • Solidify our global leadership in this area.

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