Already incorporated

Did you know? Your annual return is not the same as your income tax return. Learn more.

Now that your incorporation is complete, explore how to maintain your corporation, order certificates and copies, register in a province or territory, and find out if you need to keep a register of individuals with significant control.

Maintain a corporation

Business – Corporate records and other corporate obligations
Find out about your corporate records and obligations.

Not-for-profit – Corporate records and filing obligations
Find out about your corporate and accounting records.

Cooperative – Your reporting obligations
Find out about your reporting obligations.


Maintain a board of trade
An overview of the activities that must be undertaken every year to maintain your board of trade in good standing.

Get a certificate of compliance or a certificate of existence
Provide assurance to a potential supplier that your corporation exists and has not been dissolved.

Order copies of corporate documents
You can order certified or uncertified copies of corporate documents.

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