Boards of trade

Everything you need to create and operate a board of trade.

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Incorporate your board of trade

Create a board of trade

How to create and register a board of trade under the Board of Trade Act.

Create board of trade by-laws

By-laws set out the rules for governing and operating your corporation.

Steps after submitting your application

Our application process and what you can do after your filing.

Find out more about our services, fees and processing times.

Maintain your board of trade

Maintaining a board of trade

Find out how to keep your board of trade in good standing.

File an annual summary

File your annual summary must be filed between March 31 and June 1 each year.

By-law builder

Create and change your corporation’s by-laws as required under the Boards of Trade Act.

File and pay for an application

Find out how to file and pay for your board of trade application.

Board of trade forms

Find forms that you may need for you board of trade.

Make changes to your board of trade

Guide to change the name or the district of a board of trade

All you need to know to make changes to a board of trade after it has been registered.

Resolution to change the by-laws

Change the name

Change the district

Close your board of trade

Petition for dissolution

Use this petition template to dissolve a board of trade under section 43 of the Boards of Trade Act.

Resolution for dissolution

Use this certified copy template of a member’s resolution to authorize an application for dissolution.

Statutory declaration to request a dissolution

Use this model of a statutory declaration to request dissolution under section 43 of the Boards of Trade Act.

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