Apply for type approval

You must obtain a type approval to confirm that a particular measuring device complies with all applicable legal requirements and can be marked for use in trade. Select your device type to start the application process.

Services and information

Dimension measuring device

Measures one or more of the physical dimensions of an object such as length, area or volume

Electricity meter

Measures the amount of electricity used or produced by a home, business or electrically powered device


Electricity transformer

Reproduces in its secondary circuit, in a definite and known proportion, the current or voltage of its primary circuit with the phase relations substantially preserved

Gas meter or auxiliary device

Measures or records the quantity, density, temperature, time, pressure or volume of natural gas used by a home, business or gas powered device


Scale or scale component

Measures or indicates the weight of objects

Volumetric liquid measuring device or auxiliary device

Measures or records the total quantity or volume of liquids


Thermal energy meter or sub-assembly

Measures or records the quantity of thermal energy transferred to or from a heat conveying liquid

Electric vehicle supply equipment

Measures or records the amount of electrical energy supplied to or received from an electric vehicle, reports the amount to the customer and, when necessary, transmits this information to a billing system