Apply for a type approval of volumetric liquid measuring devices or auxiliary device

Type approval is granted for a particular class, type or design of measuring device once it has been confirmed that it complies with all applicable legal requirements.


You must apply if you're a manufacturer or importer of a volumetric liquid measuring device or auxiliary device before it can be used in measurement-based trade.

Before you apply

Before you apply, make sure that your device meets all applicable approval specifications. Applications submitted for devices that do not meet the requirements will be rejected according to the non-compliance policy.


See the service fees for weights and measures device approvals.

Travel and accommodation fees as per Treasury Board Secretariat guidelines can include the following:

  • expenses incurred by the inspector for accommodation, meals and incidental expenses and for transportation to and from the site (travel costs)
  • expenses incurred to transport test equipment and standards
  • time inspector spends to travel to and from the site

How to apply

Complete and submit the type approval application form, along with the following additional documentation:

  • technical documentation describing the design, composition and construction of the device
  • user manuals describing the installation and use of the device
  • test results that clearly demonstrate that the device complies with the applicable requirements

Find out whether your device is eligible to be recognized under an international arrangement and how to apply.

Shipping your device

Do not ship your device to Measurement Canada until requested to do so.

Once your application is processed, you will be asked to submit a sample device for testing. Review the shipping requirements before submitting your device.