Telecom services price tracking

Mobile phone and home Internet services are a necessity. To help Canadians get more affordable telecommunications services, the Government of Canada tracks the prices of certain plans and services.

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Price tracking highlights

Annual pricing study

The 2022 annual pricing study is now available. Compare and analyze the prices of telecommunications services in Canada and around the world. The study shows an average wireless price decline of 2.6% at all levels, with some plans as much as 16% lower than in 2021.

Annual pricing study

The 2022 price comparison study is the 15th edition of an annual study commissioned by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) to examine the pricing of telecommunications services. The study tracks pricing for wireless and broadband services in six different regional markets across Canada as well as in a sample of peer countries. See the previous price comparison studies:

Quarterly wireless services price reporting

The Government of Canada knows that access to affordable, high-quality services is more important than ever. This is why the government has introduced measures to reduce the cost of wireless services, including by tracking the price of wireless plans from Bell, TELUS and Rogers (across their brands) over a two-year period. For cellphone plans that offer 2 to 6 GB of data, the three national carriers were expected to lower their prices by 25% by the end of the first quarter of 2022. This target was met as of December 2021. National benchmarks were set following a review of wireless prices across the provinces as advertised on company websites in early 2020 for post-paid, bring your own device, unlimited talk and text 4G/LTE plans in the 2 to 6 GB range. This information was collected by Wall Communications and ISED. All subsequent data were collected by Statistics Canada for use in developing the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and shared with ISED for use in telecom price reporting. Statistics Canada continues to track the state of wireless prices through its monthly update of the cellular services component of the CPI.

Prices listed below do not include taxes and do not include all plans available at the time.


~ indicates that this data plan was not advertised on this provider's websites at the time of sampling.

* indicates promotional pricing.

indicates a non-promotional price decrease relative to the benchmark.

% change is shown for the most recently available data plan, and may refer to plans which were not offered in the most recent quarter.

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