Rural economic development

Communities in rural, remote, coastal and northern regions of Canada contribute over 25% of our country’s GDP and help drive economic growth.

The mining, forestry, agriculture, fisheries, energy resource extraction and electricity production industries are important to the economies of rural and remote communities, and they support manufacturing, transportation and tourism.

Our path toward a resilient, prosperous and inclusive Canada includes improvements to the quality of life of all Canadians—especially those living in rural, remote and underserved communities.

Whether we’re supporting innovation, investing in skills development or increasing access to housing, health services and reliable high-speed Internet, the Government of Canada is helping rural and remote communities thrive and achieve sustainable, long-term growth.

Rural programs and services

Are you a rural resident, business owner or community leader or an Indigenous person?

Learn about the programs, services and benefits available to you.

A strategy for rural Canada

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Our strategy was built on ideas submitted by hundreds of rural Canadians across the country. It includes a holistic, collaborative approach to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in rural Canada.


Rural transit

Learn about our efforts to support innovative local transit solutions in rural Canada.

Rural data

Explore our growing library of rural data, analyses and tools.

Rural and remote tourism

Learn how we are helping tourism organizations in rural Canada recover and achieve long-term growth.

Indigenous business and economic development

Find programs and services to increase your business skills, help with your business funding needs or develop land on a reserve.

Mental health and wellness in rural Canada

Learn about mental health, mental illness and the supports available to you.

Feature stories from rural Canada

Discover how rural communities are benefiting from programs and services, including improved access to high-speed Internet.

About us

Our goal is to help rural communities across Canada thrive and achieve long-term, sustainable growth. We collaborate closely with local leaders, industries, researchers, other government departments and agencies, and various levels of government to help ensure that federal programs and initiatives better address the unique needs of rural Canadians.

The Honourable Gudie Hutchings

Minister of Rural Economic Development

Darrell Samson

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Rural Economic Development