Corporations Canada adopts new refund policy

In accordance with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's new Remission Policy, Corporations Canada now refunds fees charged for services delivered to federal business and not-for-profit corporations, as well as cooperatives. The Program Annex of this policy sets out Corporations Canada's approach to refunds.

Under the new policy, Corporations Canada will now issue refunds for services that cost $200 or more. Corporations Canada will issue refunds when it fails to respond to clients within the service standard period plus a grace period. This period of time will vary based on the service and the method of delivery (online or non-online).

When eligible, Corporations Canada will reimburse clients 50% of the service cost using the original method of payment. For non-online services, Corporations Canada will contact clients for account information in order to process the refund.

See Remission Policy of Corporations Canada for a complete list of eligible services with their respective refund eligibility period.

Services, fees and processing times