Traditional knowledge

Aboriginal Peoples and Intellectual Property

The intersection of the intellectual property system and traditional knowledge is an area that is receiving increasing attention within Aboriginal communities in Canada and among government policy-makers. Aboriginal peoples have a particular interest in this area as it relates to their broader interests in preserving and protecting the Aboriginal cultural heritage, and ensuring its equitable use.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada liaises with Aboriginal communities

  • to provide an overview of the Canadian intellectual property regime that illustrates the benefits and limitations of intellectual property rights; and
  • to gain a better understanding of the concerns of Canadian Aboriginal peoples with respect to Aboriginal traditional knowledge.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada also formulates policy recommendations with a view to enhancing, where appropriate, the recognition of traditional knowledge within the intellectual property framework.

Further information

Traditional knowledge and intellectual property is the responsibility of the Copyright and Trade-mark Policy Directorate, which is part of the Marketplace Framework Policy Branch.