Company profile: Ada

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Making customer service extraordinary for everyone

The need for customer service automation is at an all-time high. Customers expect support on every channel, in every language, all the time—expanding customer service scope. AI is changing the way businesses scale customer service, allowing businesses to control costs and maximize value.

How they’re changing the game

Ada Support Inc., an AI-native company based out of Toronto, is powering the shift from agent-first to AI-first customer service. Their vision is to ensure AI serves every customer by creating AI-powered solutions that deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Founded in a belief that AI can deliver optimized customer service systems, Ada’s AI-powered customer service platform helps companies automatically resolve more customer support interactions–in any language or channel–with less effort. To help customer service leaders keep pace with these new expectations, Ada recently expanded its platform with new generative AI and voice capabilities that enable organizations to drive true omnichannel automation.

With Ada, businesses can focus on what really matters: make customer service extraordinary for everyone. This can mean reduced wait time for everyday interactions, like dealing with airlines and having more personalized experiences for online shopping.

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Imagine a future where the cost of assigning every one of your individual customers a dedicated support person is essentially zero. Where a trusted member of your team is available every moment, in every channel, in every language to resolve any question the customer asks. That is the future Ada is powering. We envision a world where every customer interaction is resolved by AI, and are on a mission to make customer service extraordinary for everyone.

– Mike Murchison, Ada CEO

Founded in 2016, Ada now powers customer service automation for more than 300 companies, including customer-obsessed brands like Meta, Verizon and Shopify. Ada is uniquely designed for the customer service industry, trained on over 4 billion customer conversations. Built using cutting-edge generative AI technology like OpenAI's ChatGPT-4, Ada's platform automatically resolves complex customer inquiries across all channels and languages, with the least amount of effort.

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