Company Profile: Clarius

Health care worker dressed in dark blue medical scrubs holding a portable ultrasound machine and a mobile phone with an ultrasound image of a baby.

Improving patient care by putting medical imaging in the hands of clinicians worldwide

Timely access to medical imaging is an important part of delivering quality care. Clarius Mobile Health is on a mission to make medical imaging accessible everywhere by delivering high-performance, affordable and easy‑to‑use solutions with the power of artificial intelligence.

Based in British Columbia, Clarius was founded in 2014 by experienced innovators who developed the first PC‑based platform for ultrasound research and the first touchscreen ultrasound system with a simplified user interface.

How they’re changing the game

As pioneers in miniaturizing ultrasound, the company is creating high-definition, point-of-care wireless systems for clinicians to use in a broad range of specialities. This can help improve patient care, expand clinical services, and differentiate medical practices with real-time imaging.

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With the introduction of our third-generation handheld ultrasound scanners, we took a big leap forward in our mission to enable medical imaging in every setting. By fusing innovations from the digital health and medical device domains, handheld ultrasound can play a tremendous role in transforming patient outcomes, decreasing healthcare costs, and enhancing collaboration.

– Ohad Arazi, President and CEO

Since Clarius began selling their ultrasound devices in 2016, more than 20,000 clinicians have used them for more than 3.8 million scans.

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