Global Hypergrowth Project

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Global Hypergrowth.
Anchored in Canada.

Global Hypergrowth. Anchored in Canada.

When innovative Canadian firms act as anchors in their communities, they foster entrepreneurship, build networks, create jobs and are catalysts to economic development. That’s why the Government of Canada has launched the Global Hypergrowth Project (GHP), a new scale-up service that will help companies rooted in Canada go further, faster. This project brings together the combined strength of its government partners to help tailor support to each participating company's specific needs, offering solutions that are as unique as the companies themselves.

How it works


Canadian businesses are the building blocks of our economy and communities across Canada.

From healthcare and agriculture, to AI technology, Canadian companies are driving economic growth, innovation and global competitiveness.

So how do we help them go further, faster?

Say hello to the Global Hypergrowth Project.

It’s a scale-up project that’s going to take eight of Canada’s most promising home-grown companies and help put their growth into hyperdrive, all while staying firmly rooted right here in Canada, creating better jobs, opportunities for spinoff businesses, inspiring other entrepreneurs, helping our environment and boosting local and national economic growth.

How are we going to do it?

By making it easier than ever to connect businesses with the best of what the Government of Canada has to offer.

From funding innovative new projects, to expanding internationally, each company is going to be getting tailored support.

And the best part?

As these companies grow, they’ll also be forging new pathways for all Canadian businesses.

Let’s take a look at these trailblazing Canadian companies:






Duchesnay Pharmaceutical Group


Vive Crop Protection

The Global Hypergrowth Project will help these companies take their growth to the next level, changing the game for businesses and communities across the country.

Together we’re building a better Canada for all.

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Mary Ng

Canada wins when cutting-edge companies keep operations, profits and jobs, here at home. And when they scale up around the world, they signal that Canada is open for business. With the Global Hypergrowth Project, we're doubling down on Canada's most promising firms, to help them scale up, from here.

  1. The Honourable Mary Ng
    Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development

The Global Hypergrowth Project is powered by Innovation Canada

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