Company profile: CellCarta

Researcher wearing a white lab coat, pointing to data on a computer monitor.

Shaping the next generation of life-saving drugs with precision medicine

When it comes to disease monitoring and prevention, research has historically focused on broad populations and statistical averages.

Based in Montreal, Quebec, CellCarta is on a mission to create a more customized approach to care and a healthier tomorrow with cutting-edge precision medicine. Bringing together a unique combination of biomarker experts from coast to coast, CellCarta delivers custom testing solutions and end-to-end sample measurement services specialized in immune monitoring, histopathology, proteomics, and genomics.

How they’re changing the game

CellCarta uses its research and technology to map the differences between tissues and cells, and ultimately, between individuals. By exploring these cellular differences, they can identify the biomarkers—the unique genetic, biological, and environmental factors that influence and can predict how a given patient responds to treatment and develops diseases—resulting in more targeted therapies and accurate solutions.

CellCarta’s innovative biomarker testing solutions enable a more proactive approach to care. They improve the customization of disease detection and prevention strategies, and foster more targeted therapies. From discovery to late-stage clinical trials, CellCarta’s comprehensive testing, biomarker research, and integrated laboratory services are helping to map a healthier future for all.

With support from GHP, CellCarta is looking to fast-track its goal of becoming the global partner of choice for biopharmaceutical companies seeking precision medicine solutions. Using precise, personalized medicine, CellCarta is contributing to the next generation of life-saving drugs.

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