Company Profile: Lightspeed

Business owner standing at a work table next to a rack of clothing, working on a laptop computer and a cardboard box for shipping.

Powering local businesses and bringing vibrant communities to life

From managing everyday, in-store transactions to building a digital marketplace – running a business takes drive, determination, and countless systems behind the scenes to bring it all to life. Lightspeed Commerce is helping business owners save time and simplify the complex process by providing technology to help them do more with less and offer exceptional experiences to their customers.

Founded in Montréal, Canada in 2005, Lightspeed Commerce is dedicated to igniting communities through commerce — because when local shops and restaurants thrive, so do the communities around them. Lightspeed Commerce streamlines operations with time-saving tools and integrations, performance-boosting insights and personalized onboarding and support from industry experts who want retailers and restaurateurs to succeed.

How they’re changing the game

By connecting the management tools and systems that retailers and restaurateurs rely on, Lightspeed helps merchants save time and hassle by working smarter and more efficiently. From linking online and on-premises sales to automatically updating inventory, merchants can manage every part of their business from a single platform. Further, by leveraging Lightspeed’s embedded payments offering, business owners can capture data from every transaction to deliver valuable and actionable insights on sales and performance trends.

On top of powering local businesses, Lightspeed is committed to creating a better, more sustainable future for all. In partnership with Sustainably Run, Lightspeed created a Carbon Free Dining program that offers an opportunity for restaurants to offset their carbon emissions at no additional cost to the business. The partnership gives customers' diners the ability to offset the carbon emissions associated with their purchase by planting trees, and provides Lightspeed customers with sustainable credits towards purchasing Lightspeed products. The program has resulted in the planting of over 1.4 million trees. In addition to offsetting carbon emissions, these trees provide food, income and education for the communities sponsored to plant them. With the support of GHP, Lightspeed aims to continue their expansion into new markets and to further empower small and medium-sized businesses. By establishing new partnerships and collaborating with government partners Lightspeed is looking to accelerate its mission of powering local businesses to bring cities and communities to life.

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