IP data and research at CIPO

At CIPO, research and data dissemination are a large part of the work we do to share IP knowledge with Canadian innovators, inventors, users of the Canadian IP system and those interested in IP research. We encourage data sharing to support the use of existing knowledge in innovation.

In this section, you will find our latest IP analytics and economic reports, full IP data sets, information on upcoming IP research and data conferences and relevant international IP data resources.

By using our data sets and research, you can:

  • confidently make data-driven decisions
  • identify opportunities and potential partnerships
  • monitor competitive activity in specific fields of interest
  • communicate the value of your product in a meaningful way
  • advance your own research on IP and innovation
Economics of IP

We study domestic IP trends to highlight the role of IP innovation and economic growth. Our work includes data analysis, survey design, econometric analysis and forecasting.

IP Canada Report 2021
View as PDF (PDF: 8.2 MB; 59 pages)
IP Canada Report 2020
View as PDF (PDF: 5.5 MB; 62 pages)
IP Canada Report 2019
View as PDF (PDF: 5.4 MB; 54 pages)
IP Canada Report 2018
View as PDF (PDF: 3.53 MB; 52 pages)
IP Canada Report 2017
View as PDF (PDF: 8.7 MB; 33 pages)
IP Canada Report 2016
View as PDF (PDF: 2.57 MB; 34 pages)
IP Analytics

The focus of IP analytics is to highlight IP activity by Canadians in technology fields driving innovation both at home and abroad.

IP Data

Disseminating CIPO data and IP knowledge to Canadians and users of the Canadian IP system.

IP Horizons

IP Horizons is a databank of trademark, industrial design and patent applications filed with CIPO. Most products in the databank are designed for organizations that maintain their own IP databases. Researcher data sets, mainly CSV and TXT formats, provide easy access to data for ad hoc research and analytical purposes.

Survey of IP Awareness and Use – Data Tables, Open Government Portal (canada.ca)

IP Data and Research Events

The changing landscape of innovation, the globalization of markets and the emergence of new players in the IP world are changing the way we use IP rights and the way policy-makers understand rights and their role. IP data and research are the foundation of developing factual bases to support sound IP policy and operational decision making. Research events share cutting-edge knowledge on topics relevant to academics, policy-makers and companies.