2017–18 Project Summaries: Contributions Program for Non-profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations

2017–18 Funded Research Project Contributions
Organization / Project Title Project Details Awarded Amount
Consumers Council of Canada
Consumers and Product Insurance Purchase Decisions Details $71,150
Mandatory Energy Rating and Disclosure for Existing Houses: Opportunities and Risks for Consumers Details $87,895
Consumers' Experience with Higher Cost Credit Details $65,150
Credit Counselling Canada
Debt Relief Options in Canada - Long Term Outcome Comparison Details $83,750 (2017-18)
$16,250 (2018-19)
Obsolescence of household appliances and electronics – What is the consumer’s role? Details $99,993
Option consommateurs
A bargain or a technical problem? Pricing errors in Canada’s e-commerce Details $90,711
Do tradition and innovation mix? The benefits and risks of peer-to-peer insurance for consumers Details $61,230
Insurance price comparison websites: Are they an effective tool? Details $91,005
Silence is consent: Opting out in the digital age Details $66,209
Changes to prices advertised online: Analysis of business practices and the legal framework in Canada Details $93,392
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Consumer choice in telecommunications and broadcasting Details $92,500
Assessing the emergence of "alternative" currencies and legal risk: the consumer's perspective Details $56,500
Union des consommateurs
Native advertising: information or illusion? Details $83,195
Telecommunications and customer service: Where are we? Details $87,716
Are businesses’ support forums reliable? Details $73,110
Discounts at what cost? Communications services and promotional pricing: a closer look Details $92,410